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Sandy Springs Lodge Tie

We have sourced these fabulous Lodge Ties from an expert tie-maker in deepest darkest China. We buy them for somewhat less than we sell them. So all the proceeds from the sale of these ties will go into Sandy Springs Lodge General Fund.


This is a great opportunity to look sharp and fit in with all the big shots in lodge. You can also buy your brother-in-law one for his birthday. Obviously, you don't want to look like a cheap-skate so a silk tie is gonna be better.


These Chinese ties don't look great when you spill gravy on them so it makes sense to buy at least two. The ties come adorned with the Square and Compasses and are replete with Forget Me Not flowers to show how much you care.


You will never forget your ritual whilst wearing this tie and so get yours today Brethren. You know it makes sense..

Buy a Silk Tie $19.99

Please note that this payment system will only allow one item to be purchased at a time. To buy multiple items please pay for each item separately. The little Chinese ladies who expertly make our haute couture lodge ties only work one afternoon a week and so it may be some time before your fashion item is shipped.