Helping The Community

We’re focused on enriching the lives of both the young and the  young at heart. Close to our hearts is the Masonic Children's Home in Macon, Ga.


Our mission is to To provide an environment for youth to develop themselves - physically, mentally and spiritually.

The cornerstone of this magnificent building was laid in October 1903


Formality, Courtesy & Civility


Freemasonry’s teachings and principles encourage members to be better men by being better participants and influencers of today’s society, by being prime examples of true gentlemen, and by exemplifying the best in humanity.

Becoming a Freemason through Sandy Springs Lodge No.124 not only teaches one to become a better man; it also encourages one to explore the possibilities of one’s true potential through self improvement in many areas of one’s life.


Fraternity & True Friendship


It is often said that Freemasonry “causes true friendships to exist among those who might otherwise have remained at a perpetual distance.”


This is especially true at Sandy Springs Lodge, where meetings are attended by members from different countries and continents.

Here lodge members are seen on the Spanish island of Mallorca visiting an English lodge Installation there.


    Thinking of Joining Us?

To join Sandy Springs Lodge, you have to ask to join. No member of the fraternity will invite you to petition for membership.

The requirements for joining are very simple, though membership certainly isn’t for everyone. Applicants who have a sincere wish to be serviceable to their fellow man and a desire for knowledge will greatly benefit from what the fraternity offers.

For more information or to start the membership process, please click on the button below.


The Grape & Grain


If you’re a brother who’s visiting Sandy Springs or a Georgia Mason thinking about visiting our lodge.....welcome !


Our meeting times are detailed above and you're always welcome to join us at our Festive Board. A hearty meal is awaiting you at Sandy Springs Lodge.


We hold meetings throughout the year but please check with us prior to coming so that we can give you a special welcome.

Post meeting we can often be found sampling the grape and grain locally.


Sharing Our Good Fortune


Sandy Springs Lodge has won the Lodge Of The Year award on several occasions and enjoys possibly the best facilities in Georgia. If you would like to hire our facilities for your special occasion or meeting we are able to offer you a great service.

Ask us about our....

* Boardroom

* Large Lodge Room

* Dining Room

* Full Kitchen

* Ample Parking

 Brotherly Love,


 &  Truth.