• Kevin - Worshipful Master

The Office of Worshipful Master

The greatest honor comes to a brother when he is elevated to the Chair as the Lodge Master, the Worshipful Master of the Lodge.

However, it is with mixed feelings of pleasure and anxiety when the gavel of authority is placed into their own hand. (You're not kidding).


Early preparation is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY so that you do not become a Lodge Master in name only.  It is very important that you arrive at this chair with a feeling not only of its authority, but fully confident of your abilities to handle that authority.

Much like the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of any well run corporation, the Lodge Master has many duties to perform.  First and foremost, like the CEO, he must have a strong working group of subordinate officers to help him carry out the tasks within his Blue Lodge.

While many people’s first thought is that to call someone “Master” means that you feel you are supposed to “serve” them, actually, in Freemasonry, the opposite is true.  The title of "Master" signifies that of a well versed "teacher," and not that of the Almighty.

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