About Sandy Springs Lodge #124

Founded on November 29, 1947

Following World War II, there was a great increase in interest and membership in Freemasonry.  At the same time Metropolitan Atlanta began to experience population growth.  During 1946, many Masons who lived in the awakening Sandy Springs area, but were members of Sardis Lodge, Roswell Lodge and other Lodges left behind as people migrated to the northern suburbs began discussing the desirability of a more convenient Lodge to attend.


On January 14, 1947, about sixty of these Masons held a formal meeting in the Hammond School auditorium, chaired by Bro. J. T. Morgan, where they chose a name for the proposed Lodge. They accepted an offer from Bro. J. J. Cochran to rent the second story of a building which he had under construction at Roswell and Johnson Ferry Roads and began preparing a petition to the Grand Lodge of Georgia for a dispensation to meet as a Lodge and receive a charter.  This petition was signed by 93 Masons form 18 different Lodges.


On April 22, 1947, an organizational meeting was held in the completed Cochran building, attended by 175 Masons, where Grand Master Chesley W. Monk presented the dispensation issued to the petitioners, and work began, including the reception of 5 petitions for membership that same evening.  The next 7 months under the dispensation were busy indeed: 22 petitions were received, 21 Initiations conferred, 17 Fellowcraft passed and 17 Master Masons raised.

Sandy Springs Lodge #124 was born.