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The Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

Studebaker Defense Group, which maintains a global presence in the military, intelligence, and law enforcement communities, has partnered with 501(c)3 non-profit The Order of St. George to drive support for humanitarian aid and refugee efforts worldwide.

The Order of St. George’s charter guides the organization to promote the timeless traditions of chivalry by compassion and supporting works of charity, with a special focus on both military veterans and humanitarian aid to refugee communities.

Donations may be digitally sent via Venmo and PayPal:

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The Masonic Children's Home Of Georgia

The mission of The Masonic Children’s home of Georgia is to provide an environment for youth to develop themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Since June 14, 1905 the Masonic Home of Georgia has served over 2100 children in need from the State of Georgia. The Home is located on 650 acres in Macon, "the Heart of Georgia." The ideal location makes it easily accessible to all of Georgia. The Home is non-profit organization that is funded by the Masons of Georgia. Presently in Georgia there are over 400 lodges with over 47,000 members.

The Home is a residential childcare facility that provides basic care to children in need. Residential childcare is defined as the appropriate placement of children whose care cannot be provided in their own home or for whom group care is a positive alternative.

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Hands Across Atlanta

Hands Across Atlanta founded in 2015, has impacted the lives of thousands of individuals in the metropolitan Atlanta area.  Our vision is to enhance the lives of veterans and underprivileged children struggling to find assistance. The charity works together with our community partners to bring new resources to those in need to improve the quality of their lives. 
As an organization, Hands Across Atlanta has won the Aurea McGarry’s Legacy Award (2017) and the Atlanta RICE Award (2015, 2016 and 2017); an unprecedented three years in a row.
Hands Across Atlanta is a 501(c)(3) professional nonprofit organization

Charities: About Us
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